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Social Sustainability Fund

When you purchase CarbonGuard carbon offsets, a small portion of money is set aside to “fortify” your carbon offset with additional social commitments. We call this money our Social Sustainability Fund.

The CarbonGuard Social Sustainability Fund is our initiative to extend our work beyond the conventional carbon offsetting realm. It allows us use our resources and connections to affect social change. CarbonGuard was founded on the principle that social empowerment and environmental protection are two components of a larger sustainability movement. While the bulk of our work focuses on environmental change (green house emissions reduction and consumer education), we actively pursue an agenda of social empowerment. Without social empowerment, the structures that have caused global warming in the first place, remain in tact. Because we see our efforts as part of a holistic sustainable solution, we hold that social empowerment initiatives must be a component of our work to ensure the global permanence of our offset projects’ benefits.

Here are some of the initiatives we look to fund:


Microfinance empowers entrepreneurs in various communities to improve their economic situation. A small amount of seed capital is lent to the entrepreneur or group to help kick start or scale their profitable venture.

We lend exclusively to entrepreneurs in the developing world, and mostly to groups (instead of individual entrepreneurs) of women. We consider lending to groups of women in the developing world the most effective use of our microfinance funds… an assertion that is backed up by considerable research in the development field.

Infrastructure and Water Access Projects

We are particularly interested in funding water related infrastructure projects. As clean water becomes a scarce and inaccessible resource, communities are forced to use ecologically destructive means to secure water for themselves, or to generate revenue to purchase private water. Funding projects like well-digging, pump installation, water purification, and initiatives to save lakes and protect fishing rights, empowers these communities to control their own access to a basic human need.

Health Projects

There are tremendous gaps in the global health system and we try to do our part in supporting initative that address these gaps.  We try to focus on projects aimed at preventing infectious diseases (particularly HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia) in communities of greatest need.

In addition to these we are happy to support the infrastructure for more holistic health systems including services for family planning, maternal care, neonatal health, child health and nutrition, substance-abuse control, vaccination programs.

Additional Projects

As our fund grows we look to help fund initiative in the following areas:

Non Carbon related rural environmental projects
Poverty alleviation
Critical policy change non-governmental organizations.

Recent Social sustainability contributions

A few of our recent Social Sustainability Contributions:

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