Carbon Guard

Our Projects

We only consider funding carbon offset projects that are are verified under one or more of the following standards. Your offsets will be registered under these standards. A full list of our funded projects will be available in our 2011 year closing portfolio.

Standards we consider for funding projects:

* Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) from the Kyoto Protocol
* Climate Action Reserve (CAR)
* Gold Standard
* Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)
* Climate, Community, Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA)
* Selected offset protocols of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
* Social Carbon

Types of projects we consider funding:

* Tree planting
* Livestock Bio-gas
* Landfill Gas Capture and Destruction
* Renewable Energy
* Sustainable Forestry
* Innovative Clean Technologies

We seek projects that fulfill the following criteria

* Additionalality – Would the project, and therefore, the carbon reduction, have occurred anyway, without project funding sources? If so, the project does not meet standards for additionality. We are only interested in funding projects that reduce emissions beyond what would occur if no funding was provided. This ensures that your purchase is an effective way to reduce CO2.
* No Leakage – Leakage is a characteristic of some projects indicating that benefits in one area are canceled by harmful effects somewhere else. For instance, if a tree planting project in one area causes a disruption to existing transportation infrastructure and causes more transport carbon emissions, the the project exhibits leakage characteristics.
* Permanence – Refers to the durability and security of the long term benefits of the carbon reduction project.
* Real – Refers to whether the projects actually occurs as planned and results in real benefits to the environment.
* Vintage Status – The year (in the past) in which the physical offset occurs is the vintage status of the project. Funding projects where the offset reduction has already been achieved is an effective way to guarantee that unseen circumstances won’t interfere with our investment.
* Verification – The independent quantification of the emission reductions that result from the offset project. The verification of projects is done by an accredited third-party auditor, once the project begins.
* Validation – A similar assessment of benefits as describes occurs in verification process. However this phase occurs before the project begins.

Additional fortification for your carbon offsets comes through our Social Sustainability Fund.

Carbon Guard