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Why do businesses offset their carbon emissions?

Businesses recognize their role as leaders in society’s fight against climate change. Smart businesses take responsibility for their carbon emissions, and in the process they demonstrate their values to their customers, while silencing critics about their environmental impact.

Carbon Emissions and the Law

With the spread of carbon emissions laws in Europe and the inevitable passage of emissions laws in the United States, businesses are increasingly required to manage their carbon footprint to comply with regulations. Businesses need a carbon management plan – combining structural behavior changes (internal reductions) with external offsets, allows businesses to keep their carbon emissions under control. The sooner your business sets up a comprehensive carbon management plan, the more recognition your business will receive for becoming an early adopter. Most importantly your business will be ready for a smooth transition into new regulatory environments.

Benefits of Offsetting Emissions

Becoming a partner, or better yet, carbon neutral partner, allows your business to distinguish itself in its marketing, and get better response from environmentally and socially conscious customers.
Customers and clients take notice of the strong commitments that your business makes to achieving social and environmental sustainability, and employees are proud to work for a visionary company.
CarbonGuard can provide you with additional marketing materials and information about your offsets, for you to get the most out of your purchase.
All of our partners receive a customized certificate detailing their commitment, and may to use our certification logo on their website, products, or marketing materials. The certification logo that a partner may use depends on the level of commitment they show.
We will also work with all business clients to develop a joint press release if desired, detailing the partnership, and the carbon reductions that will result.

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