Carbon Guard

Principles and Policies

Carbon Guard was founded on the following principles and beliefs:

Environmental protection and social justice are irrevocably connected.

Pragmatic action is more valuable than ideologically driven inaction.

Empowerment is more effective than charity in creating a more sustainable world.

Behavior change and policy change are both equally important.

A holistic sustainability movement is society’s only option to achieve lasting peace and prosperity.

Our Policies

Carbon Guard has adopted various policy commitments to support sustainability in areas outside the traditional scope of carbon offset providers. These are outlined below. To read about our carbon offset projects and their standards and protocols, please refer to our carbon offset projects.

Fair Trade Policy

Our staff has a strong background in Fair Trade advocacy. Like any company, our day to day operations include purchasing everyday products. For all coffee, tea, chocolate, and banana purchases CarbonGuard is committed to only buying a Fair Trade Certified option. We recognize the following Fair Trade standards in our purchasing:

1. FairTrade USA (formerly TransfairUSA) Fair Trade Certification based in the United States

2. Fair Trade Labeling Organization’s International Fair Trade Certified Mark

Public Water  and Plastic Bottle Policy

Carbon Guard opts for public tap water over any plastic bottled water and supports strong public water systems. We also seek and fund water access projects in the developing world as part of our Social Sustainability Fund. We’ve taken the “Think outside the bottle” pledge with Corporate Accountability International and will continue to use our resources to prevent private monopolies of water systems and plastic bottle pollution.

Paper / Business Card Policy

We are currently developing our standards for a comprehensive paper policy. Our focus is on using 100% unproccessed, post consumer paper and cardstock. In other words, we attempt to print our promotional paper items on clean paper or cardstock before it is sent to the recycle bin. For example we are experimenting with using clean cereal boxes and sustainable ink for our business cards. For documents, we print on paper that has already been printed on one side. Of course our printing as a whole is kept to a minimum by focusing on digital communication.

We make an exception for our certificates, which are prized documents for our clients, and print them high quality, partially post-consumer certificate paper.

Privacy Policy

For transparency to our supporters and in compliance with various state and federal regulation we have a comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Carbon Guard